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Interview met directie Adobe
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Knowledge@Wharton heeft een interessant interview met de directeur van Adobe; Bruce Chizen.

De interviewer sprak met Bruce Chizen over de acquisitie van Macromedia, Adobe's plannen voor het integreren van de producten van  Macromedia's om een next-generation applicatie platform te maken en over de concurrentie van Microsoft.


Hieronder een stuk uit het interview;

Knowledge@Wharton: You are now in a fairly broad selection of markets. You have creative pro, developer, consumer, enterprise, the mobile space. Which of these is going to be your principal focus for the next six months?

"First of all, we will never lose our focus on creative professionals. That makes up the bulk of our business. We continue to believe that as long as we add value for our customers, we'll continue to grow that business. 

And the world of publishing -- I'm using the word "publishing" in a broad sense -- is changing so quickly that there's a lot for us to do. Video is exploding, which means that we want to enhance our video solutions. We want to publish to non-PC devices, and that requires a set of tools.

And we want to be able to begin to integrate the Studio products, especially Dreamweaver and Flash authoring, with products like Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. The Creative Suite with Studio -- we want to see more integration there, making our customers' lives easier, more productive, more efficient."  

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