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Interview directie MM en Adobe
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Forbes heeft een interessant interview met de directeuren van Adobe en Macromedia. Het interview gaat o.a. over de toekomstige fusie en over de toekomst van de beide bedrijven en hun producten.

Een klein stukje van het interview;

There's a lot of speculation about which Adobe and/or Macromedia products will be discontinued or integrated. How do Adobe and Macromedia plan to help Web developers adapt to the changes that will surely affect the products and services they rely on?

Chizen: Adobe and Macromedia have complementary tools for Web applications, but each has earned a leading position in its respective area. You can bet it's a franchise we're going to protect. We have resources from both companies on the integration team specifically dedicated to addressing developers' needs

Elop: More generally, both companies have a strong reputation for taking care of their customers, both as it relates to helping customers through product changes and through the inevitable generational changes that affect our industry. We helped CD-ROM developers move to the Web, and we're helping Web developers expand into the mobile space. Our customers should expect this same consideration as we move forward.

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